Thursday, May 17, 2007

inspire me thursday: silence

Our scanners are fiesty lately, so I had to photograph this week's project. This is my first time here as well, but my recent goal has been to embrace my creative self, no matter what the mistakes I make, or how frustrated I may be at the process. I have not created anything in the visual arts, aside from photography and doodle/sketches, since high school.

It felt good to face this, to find ways to make words and images reflect what I am feeling internally.

I have a box full of library books, all discards, and a hardcover version of The Silent Woman rested near the top. I already have a paperback, so I'm not sure why I picked this one up, though I think somewhere along the lines I had fallen in love with the way cut up bits of novels and newspapers make landscapes.


ck said...

!!! Texas has beautiful birds. :)

Crafty Green Poet said...

I was inspired by birds for this one too!

Vedrana M. said...

it's wonderful! i hope you'll explore more of your creative talents :)