Friday, April 27, 2007

upcoming submission dates

Maybe this kind of thing is only useful to me, but if ever any fellow writers stumble upon this blog, I figure once in a while I could post these things (share my own research to make lives a little easier--thus far, it is only from P&W magazine):

30: Memoir (and) due April 30

1: Mid-American Review prose poem contest
15: Minnetonka Review
15: Midwest Chapbook contest (for Midwest residents)
15: Dancing Poetry contest
15: Backwards City Review contest
31: Runes
31: River Styx contest
31: War Poetry contest

1: Midway Journal
30: Wild Goose Review

1: Alehouse Press Poetry contest
1: Lilies and Cannonballs

17: Apple Valley Review
31: Paper Street

1: Red Cedar Review

No date listed:
- Anderbo
- Barrel House
- Blood Lotus
- The Externalist
- The Modern Review
- Panamowa
- Pedestal Magazine (various closed dates)
- Perigee
- Rambler Magazine
- Raving Dove
- R-KV-R-Y

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