Sunday, February 04, 2007

going to state, and we are fourteen again

Our drama competition went well; we are going to state. The kids are thrilled, as am I. They definitely deserve it, though I think it's humbling for me to follow this director up. His experience and knowledge dwarfs my own--I wish he were staying on for the next production, and I hate to say this, but I am sure the kids wish that too. I'm going to give it my best to make this next drama experience exponentially better than the one last spring for all. I know we had three standing ovations, and I know the production was successful, but the process has to be good in order for it to succeed in my own eyes.

Anyway, this Friday I will be going to the city to observe a whole slew of fabulous productions. The kids will get to meet other drama nerds, and I'll get to meet directors that know what they are doing. Good times to be had for all.

I also failed to mention that we do have a fourteenth wedding party member--a teacher from my school, also in the English department. We are no longer at an unlucky number. I still think of my friend M as the phantom fifteenth member. :) After all, she'd be up there if it weren't for her little peanut!

K and I have been in our PJs most of today, reading. He's finished the fifth and is now on the sixth installment of the Harry Potter series, and I'll post in my reading blog about the book I'm reading now. I must confess, I finished 2006 with something like 78 books read, which is an all time low for me. When I was an undergraduate, I was reading twice that in a year, easily. I think one of my belated resolutions for this year is to kick up the pace on reading. And get over being tired when I come home from work--I often feel brain dead, but I can't let that be an excuse. (This is what K tells me anyway.)

Also, K is still, ever so subtly hinting, at getting a companion for our puppy. He has me currently checking out this Siberian Husky website.

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