Sunday, September 10, 2006

week one done, how many to go again?

This first week was trying, but I think that will be standard. I know I come on here and say many of my weeks are difficult, but I think that's the nature of the profession. Teaching is HARD. It's definitely not always hard in the academically / intellectually stimulating way--it's usually tough in this bizarre juggling act way. But I really love my kids from last year and have had these stupid nostalgic fits over them (I even have a few repeat students this year--one Eng9 and two juniors in my creative writing class, though I don't think they are repeating because of me). I've had a string of those goofy guys come back and visit, some sitting in on part of my lunch hour class and one even writing my last name equals pimp (which, apparently, is a good thing) on my whiteboard.

I have four sections of freshmen and it looks like my second hour will be the most fun. Or is that because I still have energy then?

My seniors in my creative writing class will challenge me. Swearing, pejoratives, drug poems, whatnot. We're going to have to do that audience lesson plan significantly earlier then expected. I want to emphasize that it isn't censorship as much as it is respect for your audience. We'll see how it pans out... they're very "norulesnorules!" Ah, oops, we're still in high school where rules need apply. I gave them some freedom in small group discussion and I can tell I'll have to reel them in more. I have 33 enrolled right now and have reserved a theatre room to do some workshopping stuff. Oy.

None of my classes are below 30. We have to differentiate instruction and reach every student, but they sure can pack 'em in like sardines. I wonder when we'll get more funding... After all, I can't blame the school as they don't have the money to hire new teachers. I'm sure they would if they could! We also have serious struggles getting technology to the kids while having pressure to bring technology in the classroom. I'd love to go beyond power point, but I have a hard time getting a single cart of laptops in the room (enough for half a class, if your numbers are right, which is rare) let alone enough for all the kids. Plus, with all my co-curriculars, I have very little time to learn the technology I ought to be integrating.

Yes, yes. Welcome back. We are now in year two.

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