Wednesday, August 30, 2006

why teaching is the most ridiculous profession

OK, seriously. Being a teacher is the most ridiculous profession. We spend two and a half months generally lolling about, sleeping until eleven, reading books until the sun comes up, postponing general appointments, looking at the garden, thinking a dog is a great idea and then BAM! the school year starts to wind up again.

This is the first week back for teachers and I think it's wonderful, save the fact that I already have almost no time for nearly everything else in my life. I have piles and piles of things to do because I simply abandoned organization during the musical and never recovered last semester. Now I have The Odyssey and Romeo and Juliet handouts stacked to the ceiling! I would be fine staying until ten tonight organizing all of that, but I'm home already (it's 5:00 here contrary to what blogger might think) and I've already had a dentist appointment and must take Penny on a walk or K will be very irritated with me as it's his turn to stay late at work. (OK, so yesterday I didn't so much stay late at work as I stayed late at a work party, which was a total blast and I really adore my department.) Oh, and I still need to get a good 45 minutes in at the Y as I still have to fit into a bridesmaid dress and wedding gown in the not so distant future and I have some handouts that I need to make that I won't have time to do tomorrow because I have binders.

Plus, I had an appointment with a photographer that I just emailed to reschedule and on Friday, I'm taking my car in for a once over before the real driving begins. Oh, and school is closed Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, though I sincerely and desperately need to go in. But my father is coming to see The Great Gatsby at the Guthrie, so I wouldn't be able to go in on Saturday anyway! :)

Yep, I'm back in the swing of things.

I'm definitely going to have to let K know that I am going to have to pull another late night tomorrow as there is no way I'm leaving without having at least the first week's copies turned in and the first couple of weeks smoothed out. I did bring my calendars home, so I could plan here too. I have a new prep this semester, and I want to do well with it as it is my beloved creative writing.

OK, puppy is nosing at my elbow, so we're going for a jaunt around the neighborhood. Then I'll do some textbook reading (trying to pick better stories for English-9) and run to the Y at 7:00. Like you all needed to know my to do list.

I went from not having a thing to do to having my day planned into little slots right up until I pass out. How does this happen? And why don't more of my friends have jobs where they feel like they have to plan what time they can walk their dog (besides the ones whose dogs are already on a schedule)?

Ah, welcome to the 2006-2007 school year--otherwise known as YEAR TWO.

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