Saturday, March 04, 2006

the waiting game

As most of you know, my name is connected to someone else's when I was hired. At the time, I was reassured that this would have nothing to do with whether or not I would have a job in the coming fall. Now, I'm not getting that reassuring vibe so longer; HL is coming back. That doesn't mean that I will not have a job with the district in the fall, but it does mean I need to spend some time working on my resume and letter of application and start looking.

(One suburb, even farther from where I live, already has three English postings up. I'm probably going to apply, though I don't want to travel still further for my job, and selling the house just isn't an option right now.)

Anyway, this is what is weighing on my mind.

Parent-teacher conferences are on Monday.

The musical is going well, though I am tired of all the other obligations I have that are causing me to miss rehearsal. I'm also fairly cranky that I have almost zero time to do planning or grading, but I'm doing a literature unit in both of my preps, which makes life quite a bit easier for me... Literature always comes easier, I think.

On to Saturday duties, one of which is a walk downtown, a stop at the library and a view of the river.

I'm trying to make peace with this new situation and try not to let my anxiety overtake me. I know it's ridiculous and I've always been overly-sensitive. I'm trying to be as tough as I can and hopeful while still being realistic. I swear, my life as a university student was so easy compared to the "real world."

Keep your fingers crossed for me--I want to stay at my school.

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