Wednesday, November 16, 2005

snow and piles

Last night there was snow and while I probably could have made it in, I chose to stay home this morning... I wasn't feeling well (pick a note below and adapt it), so it was good to rest up, but I also have this crate that I keep mentioning. While today was a fairly easy day to teach, I figured it would be best if I stayed home under the blanket title "mental health day" with the branches of--bad weather, feeling unwell, and catching up on grading. I think K was a little crabby at me this morning, but if I can get everything I need to do done (at least half that pile, get a shovel and some salt, do laundry, etc.), then I think I can win him back. I never feel great about leaving my classroom in the hands of a stranger (hey--while I care about them a great deal, they're a hanful!), but sometimes one has to do it. And when the one act starts up, I can't really be absent at all, so I may as well take a deep breath right now and prepare myself for a lot of struggle--through weather, grading, health, and drama.

Speaking of Snow, this was an interesting book! If anyone out there has read it, I'd love to hear thoughts...

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