Saturday, November 12, 2005

One year ago tomorrow

One year ago tomorrow I started a blog. I wrote about all of the struggles I went through to become a teacher, and I am proud and pleased with that journey.

And today some students (who I think are really great people and no, I'm not mad at you!) found my blog. I had been publishing this for friends from student teaching, colleagues, former teachers, friends, and family. While I am not embarrassed by anything I have written, it isn't for students' eyes--I simply would prefer this diary-like writing to remain in the professional realm.

No, I'm not angry. Sad, but not angry in the least--I knew what I was doing, and the boyfriend (yes, his name is....) said, "What did you expect?"

I really, really love what I am doing, and I will continue to write about it. I think one of the most important things about these journeys we have in life are to reflect and grow. I hope some of my students can take that away from the classroom, and I hope that most of all, they all know that I care about each of them--they have amazing potential and great big hearts. I'm so pleased to be teaching at LSHS, even if it can be frustrating and hard and tiring. I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

So to those of you, my faithful readers, we will work something out.

And to those of you, my students, or others who might know this isn't a place for them to be--I'm not mad. And I'm happy to chat with you about things. I just want to keep the reflections of me as a professional in appropriate places.

(Oh, and if you're still looking--it's Barnes and Noble in Roseville.)

PS: One more thing--to those students--your comment was really sweet. I got it, and it means a lot to me.


Said comment:

"hey mrs.sutton how are you!! we are great you are ion a meeting right now and we are finishing our stories. Donley was searching lakeville south football web pages and found your website. :-) we hope you are notr to mad at us we were not looking for it on purpose. in one of your entries you asked what kind of teacher well donley and I (taya) think that you are a great teacher we love the way you go about teaching us, you make every thing real fun and even when you try to get mad you are great. well we hope that teaching us is not to hard, me and donley want to thank you for being a teacher, I have never had a teacher like you and that is a good thing. I hope you are not to upset that we found your web page. thanks for wrighting about me (taya) love donley and taya. "

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