Friday, September 02, 2005

ten hour days

That's more or less how this week has been--ten hour days. And I'm not including drive time. Ryan and I just got home a few minutes ago... granted, we stopped a a restaurant so he could have some beer and I had a glass of wine, but I left this morning at eight and didn't get back into town until ten. !!!

Today wasn't a contracted day. We had a four day work week, but the building is open today and tomorrow. I am certainly not going in tomorrow, but I knew that I would have to put in some serious time today.

And honestly, I wish I knew where the time went. I wish I had a clue what I did to fill up all of that time. I planned, put in requests for photocopies, all kinds of stuff.

Anyway, we have five people coming to visit (Dan and Tracy and Chad and Lane and Angie), so we have to go to bed early to wake up early to unpack like crazy people. Ryan just went upstairs and called out, "Have a good night," so I should take that as a hint.

I'm ready for Tuesday though. I'm have my whole week planned for both classes, which feels good, and neither class has too much or too little time work, etc. I am going in with balance in mind.

(And peace of mind.)

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