Saturday, September 17, 2005

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Old Vs. New In Lakeville

(WCCO) Lakeville, Minn. A cross-town rivalry began just before the new South Lakeville High School took on North Lakeville High School for their first football game Friday night.

In only the second week of school in Lakeville, the schools were gearing up for the big game.

For first time Lakeville students' loyalties were divided North and South, the old versus the new high school at Friday's football game. The South Cougars were definitely at a disadvantage because the school had no seniors and no history.

Cassie Batchelder, a junior at North Lakeville High School said, "This game is a huge deal in Lakeville right now, bigger than homecoming game."

Tom Cosgrove, a junior at South Lakeville High School said, "We've only been in school eight days. So we still need to work on the school spirit and tradition, but that will come with time."

The battle of the cats turned friends into foes, at least for a while. Head coach Larry Thompson said playing against his former students and staff was like competing against his own family.

Thompson said, "Sometimes when you're playing against friends you want to win extra hard because you want bragging rights."

Even though there are friendships between the schools, those relationships are on hold this week

Lakeville North High School football co-captain, Adam Diamond said, "Coaches told us don't talk to your friends over there this week. Just keep to yourself we don't want anything getting over there."

But off campus, the rivalry was the talk of the town.

At the Main Street Coffee Cafe, customers could actually choose a panther or cougar latte. It was close.

Lakeville South High School beat Lakeville North High School, 24-19.



There is a video clip of our pep fest and when Coach Larry Thompson is speaking, you can see me directly behind him to the right. Of course, all you can see is my back and my long hair and wouldn't know if it was me or not, but there I am... also, my students are there--some cheerleaders, one of which is the blonde seen sitting and observing that comes up before the story shows and another student is playing the drums in the pep band.

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