Tuesday, May 03, 2005

National Teacher Day

Applications: St Paul Academy, Anoka-Ramsey, and LaCrescent.

Happy National Teacher Day, everyone! The day is sponsored by the NEA. This is part of Teacher Appreciation Week, which is part of the PTA.

I used the opportunity for this day to do a little investigative reporting work with my Journalism students. I gave them articles on National Teacher Day and had them interview us press conference style ("us" being me and Mrs. Doherty). I was surprised at how thoughtful some of those questions were! I thought the questions would be about ten minutes, but it went for the rest of the hour, and they asked all sorts of things about choices we've made, what we feel is important, etc. One student, every time we came to him, would have three questions rather then just one; he usually is the student who gets bored so easily! Another asked me if student teaching on top of taking classes and taking tests and everything else--if all this was putting a strain on my relationship with my boyfriend. :) She's a real sweet student, and I feel badly because she thinks no one really cares about her at the school.

Part of the reason for Friday reflection day! It's coming up soon, and I'm looking forward to giving them some comments as well as getting some feedback from them! I didn't have time to do it last Friday because I had parent teacher conferences for four hours on Thursday night and the job interview on Friday morning. Not enough time to write up that reflection, and I want to save it for Thursdays so I can make sure the late work is up-to-date.

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