Monday, May 02, 2005

Job Anxiety

I can't stop thinking--wouldn't it be wonderful if I had a job right now? (And wonderful for the entire cohort...)

I got a phone call this afternoon from Faribault School District. They are interested in my resume and would like me to fill out the application and send more information to see if they'd like to interview me. That's done. :) I'll mail it out tomorrow morning and return the phone call. I also noticed that Minnetonka's application process closes today, so there's my second application of the day. Tomorrow I don't have work or class, so I will use that time to catch up on applications, though for some places, it might be too late.

Teaching has been going well. My English 10's are in the computer lab, writing a first draft of a research paper on an issue in education. They will peer edit on Thursday; hopefully they will take advantage of my offer I have tried to instill in them that I am very happy to look at any draft they have thus far. One student was supposed to stay after school today to work on paragraphs, but he didn't. His mother will not be happy, and I probably need to call her about it. She was the one that yelled at him in front of me during conferences. I'll try to work it out with him first. Maybe we can do some one-on-one work during work time tomorrow.

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