Friday, June 06, 2008

10 things

Ten things I love about teaching:

1. The summer
2. That lightbulb look when they get it
3. Passionate students
4. Teaching until the bell, not clockwatching
5. Students who want to share their accomplishments, no matter what they are, with you
6. Experiencing and exploring language and literature with a group of people
7. Learning myself
8. Forcing myself to become a more patient person
9. Control and freedom, brain exercise, whatnot.
10. My colleagues

Seven minutes until I can check out. The car is packed, and I am printing the gradebook out. Soon, I will unload the car, load it back up, drive into the summer.


PS: One more post is a'comin', then it's off the the new place! Hope to see you there!

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