Friday, May 16, 2008

the way the light comes in

Each day gets a little longer. I wake up and the light fills the room; sometimes I am afraid I have woken too late, have missed my alarm. In the mornings, sometimes I still check my fingers too, afraid I've lost my wedding or engagement ring in my sleep--maybe a dream had taken them away, or I had imagined it all, that day.

After today, three weeks of school. Exam week the last week, two days of testing, and that Friday, packing up the classroom, posting grades. Two solid weeks of lessons. So little left. So much to (grade) do before then.

Good things:
- film recommendations: Juno and Lars and the Real Girl, both stories that tug
- seeing Ryan amidst his furious work week for more than just briefly, fleetingly (the night before I didn't see him at all as I was asleep when he came in)

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