Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Resume, Part 1

OK, so tonight is First Draft of Resume Night. Last January, there was a little job fair, which I should have gone to but didn't, and they had resume workshops. Lucky for me, there is a workshop tomorrow at 4:30, and I will be front row, pen handy. Of course, as of a few hours ago, I only had the pathetic resume I created to apply for the program, which wasn't entirely effective in that it listed all kinds of observing and not a lot of doing. Anyway, I have a first draft, which my father so graciously took a look at. (I have my student teaching and my practicum, my MPIRG experiences and my MN Literacy Council experiences, my B&N employment (mainly because it's going to be five years this summer) and juding their poetry contest, my tutoring and my awards (ha, Dean's List--woo hoo--and an ETS award--woo hoo--a little lacking in this category), the organizations I belong to and computer skills (Ryan would laugh, if he actually read this blog).

I have a page and a half of material, and I feel like all of it is kind of useless. Compared to a lot of my cohort, I don't have the kind of "meat" to my resume that I would like. Regan taught for two years in Namibia with the Peace Corps. (Am I spelling that right?) Three are licensed subs. Several have internships and brief jobs that involve actual teaching.

Anyway, tomorrow I will attend the workshop and they will repair my resume.

It's decided--the job search (which has only just begun) is probably the most miserable part!

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