Friday, May 30, 2008

rain + happy dogs

It's that time of year: rain and happy dogs. These photographs are actually from the week before Ryan and I got married, but the tone is just right; there's a kind of contented anticipation in them too.

This afternoon I had my first massage in a while; there were moments when I held my breath, clenched my teeth. I'm thinking that wasn't supposed to happen, but I also don't think I'm supposed to have dreams of knives boring into my lower back. I'm giving it another go in a little over a month, so we shall see if I've submitted myself to torture or relaxation.

I do adore facials. I feel compelled to point that out.

We have a houseguest coming tonight, so I'm furiously scrubbing, always at the last minute. It's good because I'm in a purging mood as of recent. I keep procrastinating.


Anonymous said...

ohhhhhh look at those FACES!!! those are dogs smiling-- man are they smiling!!


EWH said...

I have been getting massages since I was 17 years old. I have had well over 50 I'm sure, and only a handful of therapists have twice gained my business. I am a terribly picky customer with a sensitive lower back and a knot in my upper right shoulder blade that rarely wanes and certainly never diminishes completely. That said, I have found the perfect massage therapist. I have no had 4 massages from her, and I have fallen asleep during 3 of them, they were so good. She is slow and deliberate and very good at listening to your sensitivities. If you don't mind driving to Mpls for a massage, you won't be disappointed.