Friday, April 11, 2008

snow diamonds

Last night's thunder and sleet brought me into spring. This is my favorite time of year, when I curl up on the floor, my cats nearby, watching the weather warnings tick by on the screen. It was certainly windy, pushing garbage cans over and shaking loose the refuse of winter. Our living room lit up with lightning, windowpanes stuttering in the responding thunder.

Today, snow came down instead of rain, and our crab apple tree sparkled with wet boughs. The snow didn't really stick, but it was a bit magical to watch it fall and vanish among the struggling bits of green. Winter is lingering this year, and I have to think--it will only just make me appreciate spring when it truly comes full force. (Our tulips are peeking though; I can see them, even if they are shy.)

I have been mulling over the next three years, turning over options in my mind. There is so much opportunity in the next three years, and my brain whirls with possibility. At some point, I will have to take a class outside the department that is to feed into my manuscript. Of course, I only have a small body of work at this point, and I am not certain what will reside in the thesis and what will be discarded, but I have begun to think of various opportunities. I know Studio Arts is emphasized, but Julie also mentioned if you are interested in integrating Greek history and culture, you could take a class on Greece, etc.

My own work is mainly human relationship-focused, though I have a growing number of poems reflective on the natural world. I wouldn't mind taking a biology or botany course. Of course, photography is an option as well, though I am more interested in the composition of a photograph and less so on the cropping and trimming and digital manipulation after (which is why my photographs always retain those little dust spots and whatnot).

There is much time for this decision. It's phenomenal to me that I even have this opportunity to delve into a secondary area of study. So many doors to choose from these days.

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chelsea said...

What about sociology? Or an anthropoly course? Or religious studies? Those would be at the top of my list.