Thursday, April 24, 2008

in the yard

Yesterday, in the yard, reaching out into the woolly patches left dead from dog's leavings and tramplings. A thunderstorm settled in this morning, beating down the bare areas. I wish I knew a trick for untucking the rest.

A few nights ago we had a fierce thunderstorm, the sort that rattles the entire house, shakes you awake in your bed. It was gorgeous and I absolutely forgive those nature gods for waking me up for that very reason. The crack of thunder matching pace with the brilliant flashes of lightning--it reminds me so much of my childhood in Chattanooga, the sound of crickets and cicadas giving warning.

We've booked our June weekend at Jay Cooke State Park, but Ryan and I are attempting to find a way to have a two-some camping trip (with dogs, of course) this May. He wants to prove that we can go it alone, be of more use to Lane and Angie and Chad, not rely quite so much on their expertise. I'm happy to just have another opportunity to force myself out in that wet earth, another opportunity to put my eye to the lens.

And here is something quotidian but frustrating me: I cannot seem to clean the flecks of dirt off my lens. Is it somewhere else in my camera? Look at how they appear again and again. Out, damn'd spot!


chelsea said...

IT IS PROBABLY YOUR LENS, but it looks to me like it's on the curved lens that is on the end you attach to your camera.

if you get black spots on your images, it's your sensor (like getting dust on 35mm film). for that, you need to drop the mirror down and just blow on the sensor.

to correct such nastiness in photoshop post picture, i suggest you become familiar with the heal tool (which also comes in handy for retouching pictures of babies who always seem to have scratches and bruises). select the button that looks like a band aid, set your brush to just slightly larger than the dust/scratch/blemish/etc, option/alt click an area of the image that is similar to what you want it to look like, then regular click the brush over that spot (as you drag the brush over the spot, it's going to look like it's the wrong color while you are clicking on the mouse but with be fine when you release the button).

early hours of sky said...

do you have lens protectors on your lenses?