Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April's list

To see each of the above images by some of my favorite flickr photographers, click on the following links:

1. for bokeh Wednesday :-), 2. scent of grass, 3. Earth and Growth..., 4. Rowan Wool Cotton, 5. Carrots 12.15.07, 6. June in Scotland, 7. ranunculas, 8. 9::366, 9. grass and driftwood logs, 10. IMG_0464, 11. Nature's Candy, 12. Delicacy numero due

April, when the snow and ice and all fade into slushy mud, when the world is reborn, when the landscape gets colored in again. This April, I am in love with:

- The colors and images above (and many others on flickr)
- April is National Poetry Month: How are you celebrating?
- The University of Minnesota (hello again)
- and ten other choices
- Hope for GREEN (the world awakening)
- Loft coursework: The Very Short Poem and Finding Your Poetic Voice
- Midsummer Night's Dream in freshmen English
- Wuthering Heights in Humanities
- the color of stones
- Sherman Alexie's book of poems, First Indian on the Moon
- mental floss: I love this shirt
- new bamboo blinds to replace the lace curtains on our porch
- the way words can move in an echo chamber
- Poetry Daily
- looking closer, every day, again and again
- reading lists, independent reading challenges, trying to eek out just one more...
- book clubs with good girl friends
- plotting out a first baby shower


Nikkita said...

Hey Molly,

I definitely will be writing something every day, but probably not blogging it, like you. I had a friend approach me with a challenge and I thought I'd pass it along in case you were interested.

Here are the parameters:

1. Eight lines
2. Each line should be between 5-9 syllables
3. It must start and end with a rhyming couplet
4. Everything in between is free, up to you
5. It must involve weather (however you choose to interpret that)

I tried it yesterday and it was quite at task, but a good one! So that is one way I will be celebrating. Enjoy April!

ck said...

Molly---is there some hidden meaning with the lady macbeth handsoap? I'm not a lit-nut like you (meant in the best possible way!), so if you could clue me in, I always love a good joke!


Molly said...

Lady Macbeth, after losing her sanity and realizing all the guilt, has visions, sees blood on her hands. She has a scene where she repeatedly attempts to wash those hands. :) Handsoap. Absolutely love it.