Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Ghost Orchid

Book clubbers: Kelly :: Chris :: Michelle :: Angie

The rules for picking are as follows: we rotate, and the person who picks the book also hosts the gathering.

Our first pick was The Year of Yes, but we all spent so much time between the actual reading and the meeting that we didn't discuss as much as we snacked, exchanged knitting tips, and were fascinated by Chris's yellow and gray bird.

Our second pick was The Ghost Orchid. I'm going to order a set of these and bring them along in hopes of boosting book-related conversation.

I read Goodman's The Lake of Dead Languages after being compelled at the concept, but was miserable reading it--the convoluted plot, the desire to edit the writing. The Ghost Orchid was a bit better, in that I asked myself, "What is this book trying to accomplish?" No, not a literary book by any means, but still one that is a bit more interesting than your average mass market paperback. This story involves a haunted artists' retreat, just the sort of environment I day dream about on these winter afternoons and is a frame tale, but one that ping pongs in narrative by chapter. Goodman does a better job keeping the reader curious about the next venture, the plot a bit thicker, which is good for this sort of book.

Now reading: Absolute Friends by John le Carre. Still working on emptying a bookcase. It is slow going, when you plan to read much of what you are pushing out. I've been able to pass along books to girl friends who've come over recently, and I am thankful for that. I'd rather know the books will be read as opposed to donated in a box that is just as likely to be recycled.

Some websites of interest involving passing along books (beyond the library): bookcrossing, book mooch, and paperback swap.

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