Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday Flickr Favorites: On the Page

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1. unexpectedly, 2. should I or should'nt I ?, 3. Perhaps..., 4. three trees, 5. ACEO- Girl No. 1, 6. puzzle cover, 7. glisten sea, glisten, 8. spring, 9. bear, 10. Untitled, 11. words_under_leaf, 12. notebook

I am feel quiet, drawn inward today. As if this week of high emotions, panicked and tormented attempts at decision making has worn me out flat.

Tomorrow: First meeting for a new Writer-to-Writer session. Did I mention I got in? I did. This one is on bookmaking, manuscript shuffling. After, dinner with friends.

Sunday: Writing from the Visual Arts with Jude Nutter (who was my first Writer to Writer mentor). A relief to be with someone who has confidence in my writing; I can stop this mental ping pong with my own self doubt.

I am looking forward to the calm of the weekend. I hope to read a thick book. Just read I Know This Much is True and have moved on to Wally Lamb's other tome, She's Come Undone. I'm trying to read all the books I don't think I'll give another go, so I can strip down the bookcase, finally be rid of one hulking mammoth in the dining room. Maybe actually clear a path to get around the table.

Happy weekend, all. xox


chelsea said...

did you know that my favorite photographer was the sister of a two time poet laureate?

KeLL said...

I can't imagine your living room without all the bookcases. It would be so bare!!