Wednesday, March 19, 2008

and still it goes

#8 today: Antioch University, a low-res program in Los Angeles.

And Annie Finch has called twice and emailed in hopes I will attend Stonecoast. (Nothing like feeling wanted!)

This isn't to mention Vermont College, Pacific University, Goddard, and New England College.

And FSU and Emerson. (Still on the wait list at the U of MN, but first in line, which is nice.)

So, I am leaving for New Orleans with Kelly tomorrow morning, and I would love it if someone would make a decision for me while I'm gone.


Lyz said...

Congrats on Antioch. Best of luck on your decision! I keep oscillating and I just wish Warren Wilson would let me know!

early hours of sky said...

I have a total girl crush on Annie Finch--she is a brilliant poet. Can you have her call me:)

and you should add to your poetry bag "Spring Essence" by Ho Xuan Huong

delicata said...

Congrats on Antioch (and everywhere else!), too. I just followed you here from Seth's blog when I saw you had been accepted. I got accepted at Antioch for fiction yesterday. Are you leaning one way or the other yet?