Monday, March 31, 2008


Alaska called and accepted me into their low-res program. Nice to be able to say, "I was accepted into over half the programs I applied to."

And keep that preposition at the end.

Currently reading: Corelli's Mandolin and The First Indian on the Moon. Vermont College has this lovely poetry reading list, and I am ashamed of how few of those books I've read, so I printed it out and am highlighting as I go. I'm in the A's--Ai, Alexie, Ashbery, Atwood.

My tally (because I always forget one):
U of MN, FSU, Emerson, Bennington, Vermont College, Pacific University, Antioch, Stonecoast, New England College, Alaska, Goddard.


Nikkita said...

yay booklists! so glad you shared. congrats on all the acceptances.

are you going to alex lemon's book release party on the 5th? pretty sure i'll be there :)

KeLL said...

You could have done a little studying all over the U.S.
Congratulations! Never had a doubt you wouldn't have choices. And great choices!

(Baby FermaNels and I are very excited you are staying close...for our own selfish reasons.)