Thursday, February 07, 2008

weekend visitors and more on photography

Recent addition to clearing away the clutter: A goal of ridding myself of one bookcase full of books. For now, maybe more later. I plan to see if my book club girlfriends are interested, and if not, they go to the library sale. It was strange pulling out "good finds," as I might have called them when I scoured the used book section at the bookstore where I worked, but I know I won't return to them, and what is the point of keeping those books if they aren't going to be read again by a resident of my home? They need to go into the wide world, be read by others, and I can be free of more cumbersome furniture. Simplify, streamline. Some day.

My husband's friend from graduate school is coming up from Missouri to visit. I always love when people come for the weekend, provided I have the time, because the house gets a wee scrubbing. I can know that for one night, the floor is free of (most) dog fur, the sinks have been wiped, the coffee table isn't stacked with old mail.

For now, I am reveling in the everyday, enjoying the company of our pups, who now whine when they cannot sleep upstairs with us, but we have to break them of that habit, who are eager to return to us, who don't run off when the leash is dropped. Everyday bliss--the scent of lemons and cloves, sitting at the kitchen table and talking long after dinner is done, laughter, and more laughter, and that kind of love that fills a room, makes you want to curl up and keep this moment forever. Everyday life being good.

Still on an etsy photo buying kick; last night, it was from this shop. Today, this shop.

I spent some time yesterday ordering some prints, so be sure to watch my own etsy shop! I'm only currently offering singles of the buoy print, but once the other Alaska postcards come in, I will only offer them as sets. I've also ordered some winter white images in that I've taken this season as 5 x 7's, so I'm pretty excited to post those as well.

Clearly, I've been addicted to flickr as of recent, which has inspired me to work a little harder at changing my vantage point. My first year of a photo a day had a lot of standard, straight-on shots of my life, but this year, I'm thinking of perspective a little bit more. It's not that I think I'm getting any better, but just looking at the world differently. It's good practice, and I thank Angie profusely for pointing the project out originally to me!

If you haven't noticed these photographers already, here are some of the flickr folks who have inspired me to start seeing the world through new eyes--I encourage you to check out their photostreams:

:: (ku)nihito :: a.n. ::andrea (scout) :: astrid :: cloth paper string :: danske :: fieryeyed * :: gee, nicole * :: hanne :: hrsmithjones :: jeanne_boyle :: marthasnail * :: mav * :: orangette * :: saffron :: simplyphoto * :: soda o :: tom_tom ::

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Nicole said...

I guess I need to check etsy out again.
Sounds pretty interesting :D

(Found you via the blog365 RSS :) )