Thursday, February 14, 2008

v-day's double meaning

Valentine's has been that, for so long, for me: V-day. You've heard of it, right? The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler. She added a college initiative a decade or so ago, and my friends and I jumped right on the bandwagon, bringing this wonderful play and the activist group MPIRG together, which is still going on today, even after the original members have all moved on. I worked on it for four years, helping bring $100,000 to local women's shelters and organizations by our fund raising efforts.

So Valentine's Day sort of passes by the radar for me; I hadn't been permitted out of the frenzy of ticket selling and grant writing. My husband even helped by ushering every once in a while. The first year, I ran the sound, if that tells you anything about this tin-cans-and-shoestring production. It's been several years since I've been associated with any production, other than audience member or donor, but I still cannot disconnect myself from Valentine's Days being spent in the lobbies of various Twin Cities theatres (we were a traveling production, which saved us money on renting spaces, as we'd often get one discounted night, but it also allowed for other folks to be able to get to us easier), snow melting from our boots, cash box clanging against our thighs.

This year, my husband bought me new lenses for my camera, something I hadn't expected and look forward to playing with--a fish eye attachment and a macro (that is actually less macro than the one I already have, but he tried, he certainly did).

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andrea (scout) said...

happy happy (very late) valentines day! i'm such a sucker for the hearts. :)