Monday, February 04, 2008

not a snow day, nor an early release day

They were hoping for an early release all day, distracted by the white fluff coming down in big flakes, the comparison of other districts and their own fleeing, spoiled by the early release and late start of last week. There's a kind of distraction to teaching this way, wondering when they're going to call it, or if they will at all.

My marathon sleeping managed to tangle me up, reversing day and night, and I will resist the temptation to nap.

I leave you with this, where images are fleeting.


nicole said...

hi, you. how had i not come across your blog yet? beautiful photographs! thanks for linking to jen and i's project. xo

flossy-p said...

I know nature makes the most beautiful things... but seriously! How pretty are those fluffs of snow?!!!

(can you tell we don't get it here?!) I'm amazed.

Anonymous said...

lovely photos, Molly!

and come on over!! seriously-- anytime--