Saturday, February 02, 2008

where the title "champion sleeper still reigns" belongs to yours truly

I don't know who it was that decided this, but I was not involved in phase two of the Urtel move (sorry, Lane, sorry, Angie). There was a little debate last night, a discussion of whether or not I was still contagious, and whether or not I'd be of any help at all, or if I'd spend my time miserably hiding in the bathroom, petting the dog. The decision wasn't really made, I suppose, except by misunderstanding--his letting me sleep, my thinking he'd wake me again.

There was a time, when he was an undergraduate, when the both of us were flattened by a cold, and we spent the entire weekend in his bed, littered the floor with Kleenex and did little else other than moan, thrash about, gum Saltines, and swallow Nyquil or Dayquil, depending on where the sun was in the sky.

I'll always remember that as my worst cold. This doesn't quite reach that misery, though I did manage to behave as such.

I spent most of today reading and sleeping. I finished The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood (Cinderella, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Gretel--I wanted to keep this list as I turned the novel over and over in my head). I tangled the sheets and down comforters into the strangest bundles. I tried to find replacements for my shoes online (Zephyr has now finished off five pairs, all favorites, which makes sense, since favorites are the ones you wear the most, but it's so disappointing--this last, he dug from the bowels of my Florida suitcase). Haven't come home like my husband, flushed with the camaraderie that is shifting heavy furniture into a home, to seeing the place where your best friends will live, to chasing after their dog, to tucking horrible lawn ornaments in the corners of their yard. He's been in bed for hours now, after shifting cinder blocks and boxes of cookbooks, after what else his day consisted of, that mine did not, and he has the two dogs for company while I finally watch the film adaptation of Cider House Rules (oh, to live in a world as beautiful as New England, like that) (the book I finished in Florida; I've been reading so slowly lately).

I will leave it at this: any book recommendations? I love to read just about anything. What was the last good book you read? Or your favorite, the one you recommend to anyone? I have a huge list, but I want to hear yours.


Solomon Broad said...

Anything in the Earth's Children series - Clan of the Cave bear, The Valley of Horses, etc.

Captain Corelli's mandolin.

Anything by Peter McWilliams.

Depends on what you're into, really?

Anonymous said...

The Pillars of the Earth, and World Without End by Ken Follett

Julie & Julia by Julie Powell

Popco by Scarlett Thomas

michelle said...

Cities of Salt
by Abdelrahman Munif

oh - and I also agree on Pillars of the Earth - I really liked that one

Most Prepossessing said...

Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky. The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

Julia said...

i'm currently making my way through "savage inequalities" by jonathan kozol- very good, but very depressing. last great book i read: love medicine by louise erdrich. a must, though i'll bet you've read it already.

sarah said...

Graham Greene, Graham Greene, Graham Greene. But the lovely ones and not the comedies/mysteries.

Angie said...

I told Lane that wasn't there before!!!!! Ha, I was right. :)

Nancy said...

The secret life of bees. and the mermaid chair - sue monk kidd

the time traveler's wife.

anything by jodi picoult.

i love sharing reading lists, and am glad to have found your blog!