Friday, February 29, 2008

FFF: Happy Leap Year!

It is leap day, and I am full of snot. Gross, yes? This is my second cold of two thousand eight, and I am wondering at how easily I am getting sick. Until I remember: ah yes, the stress of waiting-for-the-phone-call. My immune system completely shuts down when I worry something into slivers of nothingness, and though I've essentially found ways to distract myself, one of which is eating chicken noodle soup and drinking orange juice and miserably tossing and turning in bed, I'm still wishing all the cards were on the table so I could move on to other distractions.

In good news though, I was accepted into a second session of Intermedia Arts' Writer-to-Writer program. This session is on bookmaking (chapbook or otherwise) and focused on writing as memoir, poems from the personal. This is ideal for me, as I have that body of work from early winter when my grandfather passed away from Alzheimer's. I'm always grateful for these opportunities; they keep pushing me a bit further in my own writing. This session will be with Sherry Quan Lee, who is familiar from my work with Split Rock Arts, though I haven't met her beyond hello. Last session was with Jude Nutter, and I absolutely adored it and miss my group terribly. It's tough when you get a group as helpful as that, and it disbands, but this is life--the ways in which strangers enter and disperse, inspire and move on.

I hope this leap day finds you well, a bit healthier, with exciting things for the weekend. Today is my friend Mandy and her husband Chris's first wedding anniversary--very sneaky, yes? They've been married four years, of course, and have a beautiful baby girl. Happy first anniversary!

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marsha said...

YAH for day! I love your selection of photos.

And your blue winter prints - those are simply gorgeous.