Friday, February 01, 2008

February list

1. Still 3 (dust covered), 2. Untitled, 3. Passeggiata, 4. breakfast, 5. what luv looks like, 6. Sustenance.., 7. spoons, not mine, 8. 281.jpg, 9. Framing a Barn, 10. everday living as art 2, 11. Untitled, 12. Untitled

Oh, February, blustery days, heart shaped holidays, and coursework. These are the things I am thinking about now:

- those colors above
- terrariums and potted plants (and tiny terrariums)
- string music, particularly that of the cello and viola (I miss playing violin!)
- Claudia Emerson
- snow rescheduling, jouncing the beginning of the semester, and, of course, the fresh start of a new semester
- boiling "homemade" potpourri, steaming up the windows
- quilted postcards
- images of brown eggs
- low-residency MFA applications (have my cake, eat it too)
- reading poetry, out loud--to myself, to others
- 100 foot diet challenge
- chowder
- big huge lab's flickr mosaic maker (clearly)
- thinking about living somewhere with acres of land, with big trees, secluded a bit, away from the sound of tire on pavement, trash at the corners of our lawn
- writing little lines of poems, little snippets in my black notebook, pages lined with graph paper
- starting my letterpress and printmaking course
- starting my introduction to bookbinding course
- Margaret Atwood
- flannel pajamas
- thinking back on Palm Beach

What are you interested in this February?


bleeding espresso said...

Ooh I love this idea, and thanks for the link to the mosaic maker. Love your photos :)

emily said...

i think i love your list. love. those courses sound fantastic.

my brother recently finished a low-residency program in poetry. i think he found it to be a wonderful choice. i know that i was thrilled to get to go to his graduation and be surrounded by poets and writers.