Friday, January 11, 2008

we had the night together

It was just the five of us last night (me and the fur, that's right). Tonight, six again: my father is coming for the weekend. One man leaves, another arrives. He is coming to support me at my reading tonight; I have some dear friends coming as well, which certainly makes up for the lack of a husband in the audience.

I left the reading on Wednesday too quickly (husband had to pack for TN)--the spoken word poet Louis Alemayehu told Jude he was disappointed, wanted to tell me the poems I read about my grandfather were "strong" and "beautifully moving." I will try not to do a little happy dance, or at least not be so obvious about it. I was second in the lineup, he was fourth, and he ended up performing a poem about his father's descent into Alzheimer's. It truly is such a sad connective thread.

It's been a long week, and I am fighting the urge to curl up under my desk and nap. It's been a long week--a fog day, a flat tire, two poetry readings, two dogs who took up most of the bed last night (all of the bed--I slept at a cockeyed angle at the top, but I didn't care).

I've recently been considering turning some of my photos into postcards to send out, to put up on etsy. I've test ordered this one from one company, but after emailing two etsy sellers whose work I admire, they both say they use a whole other service entirely and have enjoyed it. We'll see what I settle into. I've already ordered a carton of glassine envelopes, so I suppose I'm fairly committed.

Part of the push to support local businesses and individual artists: you always want to become one yourself.

Penelope is tired of my online adventures. She wants attention.


Nina said...

I am really enjoying your blog - am so glad I found you through blog365. Good for you for reading your work. I never do. I just type, type, type. Have a great weekend!

Karen said...

Doing the happy dance for yourself isn't so bad. ; ) Glad the reading went well. And Penelope is quite the photogenic pooch.


Angie said...

I'm so sorry that we didn't make it to your reading! We both wanted to be there to support you. We didn't get seated for dinner until 8:00 last night with the parents.