Monday, January 07, 2008

January List

1. Turning?, 2. window, 3. Framed, 4. All Your Life, 5. little treasures, 6. fairy lights: one of my favourite things, 7. something special from the recipe book..., 8. chilly morning, weekend baking remains, & hot ginger tea..., 9. It rained today, 10. Silver and Steel, 11. autumnal still life, 12. Crocodile Tears

This January, I bring these interests with me:

- fog: the color, the texture, the event
- water (& cleansing)
- the act of knitting, the small handmade gift, the peaceful rhythm of bamboo and wool
- crusty breads, brie
- Kenneth Branaugh
- William Shakespeare's The Tempest
- early morning light
- still with the sea washed color: the blues, the woody browns, the wooly whites
- old windows
- Palm Beach Poetry Festival (and fancy old hotels!)
- photo postcards
- observing the landscape, taking in the bluffs in winter
- baking bread, especially zucchini and banana
- quiet space, emptying, moving the clutter out
the smell of soap
- The Shins
- buying adorable handmade onesies for Kelly's baby


Nina said...

Officially in love with your blog. Love the pictures and all the magical thoughts. :-)

Nancy Bergenske said...

What a great list, and I love your musings in the post below as well.

Lostcheerio said...

Kenneth Brannagh is kind of in sea-washed colors. Wooly white, woody browns. Whatever his eyes are...

Geggie said...

What a lovely blog! Thanks for coming to visit mine.

I'll be back.

h&b said...

It's so nice to find a link to one of my photographs and discovering a whole new blog :)