Monday, January 14, 2008

beautiful film week

Abby Try Again is hosting a beautiful film week, and I couldn't help but join along, especially as I try to broaden my viewing horizons. Some of my favorite films, the ones that make me smile, the ones that are visually gorgeous, the ones that, if you haven't seen them yet, I urge you to do so (I could make a much longer list, but the word "beautiful" seems to fit these so perfectly):

- Life is Beautiful: Hello princess! I've used this in my last week of classes, just before the school year is let out. It has a perfect assignment for my freshmen--they write an essay on how the characters we have studied throughout the school year have made their lives beautiful, they write about people in their own lives make life beautiful, and they write about how they will make their own lives beautiful. Look to the future.

- Amelie: I almost want to travel with that little gnome around the globe.

- A Very Long Engagement: There is nothing like having hope.

- In America: The power of family and healing.

- Little Miss Sunshine: More family connectivity and shameless joy.

- Whale Rider: Faith, determination, culture.

- Antonia's Line: Freedom and acceptance.

What are the films that move you? What are your beautiful films, the ones filled with hope and rich imagery? The ones that buoy you up?


Anonymous said...

love actually!

Anonymous said...

also...eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, big fish, dead poets society, american beauty, shawshank redemption

GreenishLady said...

Il Postino. Baraka. Truly Madly Deeply, Contact... and almost all of Nikki's list too.

chelsea said...

i ♥ huckabees - puts emotion into perspective, frequently keeping me from hurting others when i myself feel hurt by them.

shopgirl - claire danes does a perfect job depicting a panic attack. i've stopped trying to explain what it feels like to loved ones and just suggest they watch that scene. but i love the character growth in the younger characters.

waking life - yay austin! yay local austin artists and philosophers and professors! the concept behind it and how they divided the scenes between artists really appeals to me artistically. it was the work of a collective, which is always inspiring. and the soundtrack is amazing.

science of sleep - gondry is always a good route. and i love charolette gainbourg. (have you heard her album?)

wordplay - i take the crossword puzzle very seriously. before i left new york, i could finish the wednesday crossword. what? that's right.

spirited away - my soft spot for children's stories with a lesson includes more than books. i love this film.

28 days later - the most dangerous game meets lord of the flies, exploring how everyone has the capacity for rage given the right conditions. i have a soft spot for horror movies with a message too.

winged migration - this was actually the last thing i bought for grandpa, but did not have a chance to send it. visually, it's stunning.

if you're including tv shows, i have the entire m*a*s*h collection and watch it repeatedly when i have a bad day. i have so much love for that show. it's nothing visually special, but the characters are so endearing.

(i'll probably think of more later.)

(and i would have put amelie and baraka, but they were already mentioned)

(also, i think you would really like juno, if you haven't seen it yet.)

abby said...

I'm in love with Amelie and Little Miss Sunshine. I really do need to check out In America. Thanks for playing along!