Saturday, December 08, 2007

seasons of love

My sister is putting together a photo tribute of our grandfather and has requested photographs I have handy of him. These are some I've had saved on the computer, and I felt compelled to post them here, a place mark, a reminder of these last years we've had with him.

L to R: Husband, Grandpa, me, my father

my grandfather on a family cruise to Hawaii

L to R: my father, my grandmother, my uncle, my grandfather

my grandparents

L to R: my father, my sister, my grandparents

L to R: my father, my sister, me, my grandfather

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chelsea said...

Thank you for posting those. My part is minimal (I'm simply making prints and cd's of the files for everyone) and depends on the generosity and efforts of others. I have a cute one that Linda sent of you, mom, dad, Mike, and Traver on the old boat. You have a pretty awesome floaty.

- chels