Tuesday, December 11, 2007

december list

(that's me, in braids and inner tube!)
L to R: Mom, Grandpa, Dad, me, Uncle Mike, cousin Traver

This December, I am drawn to:

- writing poetry reviews (finished one on Skirt Full of Black, am now working on one for Sleeping With Houdini by Nin Andrews)
- looking at old pictures from Michigan, from my grandparents' lives
- Frankenstein in Brit Lit, Monster with the ALC kids
- snow storms, curling up in bed with books
- altered books
- eight pets, curling up on the floor with three dogs, the rotation of cats
- morning poems
- imagining Florida
- and obsessing over other traveling opportunities with poetry (summer workshops, etc.)
- and obsessing over the potential of traveling with good girl friends
- The New Yorker
- chapbooks (& working on a manuscript for one of my own, maybe, one day)
- Pandora Radio
- applying to graduate schools, finally having a manuscript for that (& letting it go)
- my holiday cards (ah-hem, our holiday cards)
- holiday wishlists
- my husband, who is so good at holding me when I cry, making me laugh, and supporting me as I dive in--he's such a good man

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chelsea said...

somewhere there is a picture from chattanooga with grandpa reading to me (us?) in one of the blue chairs. i believe i'm squirming. i wish i could go through that box of photos in green bay.