Sunday, December 30, 2007

12/30: Flickr Favorites

1. Untitled, 2. full, 3. llibreria - bookstore - Amsterdam, 4. This is a fish., 5. cisiamoquasi, 6. Banana Bread Slices, 7. IMG_5155, 8. morning/down

I'm loving browns and whites lately--the banister, the chair back, thick bread and porcelain, linen, winter light.

I'm loving the comforts of home--the warm meal, the chair passed down from generation to generation, the cat who will wedge himself into your armpit as you read.

I signed up for Blog 365, maybe because I am crazy. But I'd love for you to join me, or maybe encourage me. I know I was doing well in the spring, in the summer, and I know I have been lagging. But I feel re-energized here, and I'm going to get behind my camera with a new passion. I am thinking about my picture a day project (Angie's inspiration), and it sounds like she is done. I don't think I am, though.

Anyway, here's to another blogging year, one with more readers, with more reading. I'm so happy to have had all of you with me on this journey--thanks so much for the comments (I love them!) and the sweet thoughts in all the ups and downs. I will blog again tomorrow (there was a holiday party at my husband's work that deserves addressing), but for now: Happy New Year.

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Blue Yonder said...

Happy New Year, sweet girl!!!