Wednesday, November 14, 2007


This graduate school application process is all consuming:

- official transcripts sent
- father has reviewed and edited statement of purpose
- packets for letters of rec are being sent to my last two letter writers (Eireann Lorsung and Carolyn Forche)
- draft of statement of purpose and 32 pages of poems have been sent to Carolyn in a desperate bid to help me figure out what to do with this mess
- attempted to send GRE scores to four more schools, but it is apparently too early for that; will have to try again every day, panic mounting as deadlines approach

Have forgotten the ordinary life:

- must get oil change before car rebels against me
- must grade the 120 quizzes that kept my students quiet on my birthday
- must read first six chapters (you assigned them, dummy) from Brave New World
- must write review for CutBank before you destroy your chances at attending U of MT-Missoula


KeLL said...


chelsea said...

mom will grimmace when/if she reads this, but DON'T STRESS THE OIL CHANGE THING. i realize that's just a minor detail in your pile of stresses, but it's a managable one. check out your owners manual to see what type of oil your car takes. next time you're at a gas station, buy a quart and put it in. it will buy you time (not more than a month). this would be different if you were still driving far to work.

(i would say bike, but i'm sure it's super cold. i, on the other hand, am just breaking out my bike because it's cool enough.)