Saturday, October 27, 2007

why we won't shop at target any more

This is to all of you who may register one day, for wedding or for baby: there is a new policy at Target where you need a gift receipt in order to return anything, even if there is proof the item was purchased by using the gift registry log. We even have paperwork from registering that states we can use the registry print out to return things, but they wouldn't allow it today, even after we called corporate (OK, Husband was really upset, which was such a strange sight to see) and corporate said we should be able to return the items... Of course, there was a weird moment where the Target employee hung up on the Target corporate person because he had an accent (so he couldn't understand him, apparently), but the bottom line is this: we must keep our two George Forman grills (anyone need one?) because my grandmother didn't save the receipt.

Just after we dropped by the liquor store and found out about the Smart Card. It's a free card with many benefits that helps keep loyal customers shopping at stores owned by folks in town, as opposed to big box stores that have begun encroaching. I think it's a wise plan, and sealed our determination to no longer shop that have no concept of buyer loyalty, knowledge of the workers, etc. I love those places I shop which are locally owned, small, which can explain to me why I need to buy this fertilizer over another, why I ought to read this book because it's excellent. I'll feel less a part of the machine that is starting to dismantle home.

So while we are all leaning closer and closer to greener choices, I think we also need to emphasize the importance of small town stores. Who is with me?


Angie said...

You could post your grill on your local Freecycle site -

Speaking of shopping locally... we hit Urbane Animal today and bought some Scoopies and saw that they also sell Swheat Scoop cat litter, but for about $2 more than Target. I still think we will plan on getting it locally going forward.

Like we've always said, it's always a choice of buying what's right or buying what's cheap!

ck said...

We vote with our mighty dollar every time we purchase something. I'm guilty, like everyone-with too little time and a meager income-to go to the one place that has it all-Target. I watched a documentary on Walmart and have not shopped there since. The video showed a group of Chinese people's awful living quarters. Additionally, it described the devestation suffered by small town businesses when a Walmart moves in. After that movie, I tried to find clothing made in the US, and gave up because I couldn't find anything. It is on the backs of the poor of the world that we consumers stand proudly. I am equally guilty!

EWH said...

I haven't shopped at Walmart in years, years, years. I can't let go of Target, however, as I have family that works at corporate, and frankly, I can't live without it. They do TONS for the community, despite being so large. And really, since I live in Mpls, it is local for me...

I totally understand having a bad experience sour it forever, though. That has happened to me with other stores.

Anonymous said...

Molly - it is widely known through out the retail world that Target has the toughest return policy. Even though you had one really bad problem don't give up them, there's not alot better choices (i.e. the devil of retail Wal Mart). At least Target get back to communities.
Try sell your extra grill on Ebay.