Friday, October 12, 2007

pen walker

Today: Cordial invitations to the principal and another ALC teacher. Special guests at the release party of Pen Walker, an anthology of poems (humbly photocopied and stapled, taking over an hour, me drinking a soda on my prep hour, promising myself I ought to not drink sodas during the school day, shouldn't depend on caffeine to wake me up) written by my students (all thirteen of them, again and again, sometimes two or three in a class period). Cover: title selected and voted on by students, cover art selected and voted on by students, title art commissioned by a specific student in the room. The "launch" consisted of my introducing the students, a poetry reading, an hors d'oeuvre reception (cookies in plastic wrapping) and book signing. And some of these poems in this book: they moved me. I don't know if they know what talent they have, how they are doing things with poetry I could analyze and recognize and maybe it's just instinct for them, or maybe they have more authentic voices, but it went so well, and twice I had to gulp to keep myself from being too ridiculously bleary eyed out of pride. What good, good kids who deserve good, good things. I lucked out with this group, with the Brit Lit kids too.

I wouldn't say I'm head over heels in love with teaching again; there are still so many things I get frustrated with, but I would say I'm back. I'm passionate about my profession again; I don't try to think of excuses to not arrive in this building. I fight through days that would have easily been sick days last year; I come, I am calmed, I am exhausted, but I am content.

And writing. Content and writing.

This weekend: the fall play tonight, an art festival, followed by a concert at the vineyard. A good, quiet, well spent weekend with friends and Husband (who was out of town last night, our two month wedding anniversary--I am glad to see him soon, to curl up against him and breathe).


Molly said...

Here I am, re-reading my post, and I think: Wow. I was doing well after 4th. Then some girl made some snotty remarks during 7th and I came home exhausted and unhappy and professing never to teach again. How strange it changes over so easily. I thought I'd put this in the comments rather than the blog itself--you know, so when I re-read my old posts, I will notice the good and not the terrible.

Anonymous said...

Ah. The power of teenage words (I remember being that age and full of myself, unfortunately!). I'm sure there are students who *do* notice the good (though isn't it always the one comment that stays in one's mind?) Hope you feel better and enjoy the start of the weekend!


Molly said...

Thanks, K. :) I have to keep remembering that one kid... and you know what's kind of funny is just after I wrote the comment way up above, I went outside to help Husband in the yard and we were quiet, and I was feeling down, and I looked up, and he just made this goofy face, and I thought, "Yep. He's stuck around for over eight years. I can't be too bad." Strange how the little things can throw you off, how the little things can right you. :)

Anonymous said...

Heather (Em's friend) says:

I read your blog over lunch today. I think I will read left-handed housewife often. Hope things are well!