Saturday, October 06, 2007

another on the way...

Jen S (formerly Anderson, though this has changed for years now) has announced that my wedding night was a lucky one for her too: she has a bun in the oven, so to speak, and will be Mom #2 of my favorite girls from high school.

Here she is, pictured at Mandy's shower in July. I can't imagine this girl growing outward at all, but we shall soon see!

She is a riot. She and Mandy both--a pair of the craziest girls I know, and now they are the mothers of the group. I can't wait to see how these kids turn out. :) Their play dates will be full of strange stories, beyond the typical poop complaints of typical mothers. No, no, I do not think they could be typical mothers at all, and I adore them for that.

Congrats, Jen.

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Anonymous said...

yay yay!!

babies babies everywhere-- you will be SUCH a great "auntie" to them.