Sunday, September 30, 2007

today my best friend turns 28

Kelly's husband Richard loves her so much. He's not very subtle about anything, especially his adoration for my best friend. And though Richard and I might never be regular friends without Kelly linking us, his faithfulness and dogged devotion to her (and her absolute love for him in return), makes me happy. They are a good couple.

And this is what he did for her for her birthday: arranged for a whole slew of folks to hide in the corners of his garage, which he decorated and arranged, and Kelly arrived with a jacket over her head to discover everyone there, beer in hand, ready for cake and burgers.

(Of course, I must point out that it is difficult to take pictures in a garage. I hate using the flash, but the lighting isn't quite right, after the sun sets, to still moments.)

Of course, this only reflects the dim atmosphere, the raw sense of a party-in-a-garage, the flaming cake and table full of meat.

Kelly became adorably tipsy and very quickly, a little social butterfly to her neighbors and friends.

There was bad singing and teasing (as thirty is just around the corner) and more beer.

And one wish; I hope it was good.

Her parents came, which is always so wonderful; I truly admire Kelly's relationship with her mother and father. They are good people, just like Kelly, just like Richard, and she is devoted to them. This is one thing I love about Kelly: she is fiercely devoted. Perhaps this is what has made our friendship so easy, so comfortable.

The three of us, Husband, Chris and I, were exhausted and could not stay long; perhaps this is what twenty eight is all about. But we carried with us in that cumbersome minivan a sense that Kelly had a good night, and that is a very warming thing indeed. It was a sweet party for a sweet girl who deserves only the best in life.

And today, a Sunday, is her official birthday. I hope she is not aching from last night; I hope the Packers win for her (I can't believe I just mentioned football on my blog--only for you, Kelly), and I hope she's feeling good this start to her twenty eighth year of life. I'm so glad I've been able to be here with you through--how many now?--fifteen years? Is it really that long? Yes, just about.

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chelsea said...

in a bind, put some masking tape over your flash to defuse it. also, you can layey t.p. or a napkin around it too. eventually, (maybe for christmas) you should look into getting a hotshoe flash so you can aim the flash up to bounce it off the ceiling.