Friday, August 10, 2007


Some random thoughts before bed:

1. Events, such as these, slip by so quickly. This was only a rehearsal, a practice for the big day, but they are oh so good. I know, when we gave our thank you's for coming, I made sure to tell them all, that when I look around this room, I see a lot of love and support and that means so much to us. Because it does. It's so, so good to have this huge safety net around you. I know what we are doing is right, but if we falter, they are all there to help us through it, to survive, to be better for whatever our future holds.

2. James, my nephew officially as of tomorrow, likes the dog dishes and is willing to bang them together for food. Also for the wild entertainment of relatives, which filled our house this afternoon, happily and spontaneously, grilling and drinking beers on our patio. It was hot and humid, but we managed to move throughout the day with much wonderful conversation. I wish I could keep this afternoon forever.

3. Chelsea and Cole are adorable. They also had drugs on their plane, which was why they were late to the rehearsal. Not their drugs. At least, I don't think so.

4. Girl friends are wonderful. Tipsy girlfriends are very funny. Making Nikki and Chris blush is priceless.

5. Mike might not like me sharing this picture.

6. Remember that mug I made at the wedding shower? The Fiance actually likes it. Silly boy, like he needs another beer stein.

7. Eric and Jeff didn't win the car tonight, and we also didn't see them again. I wonder if this will repeat tomorrow, the little goofballs?

8. There are people camping where we intend to get married tomorrow. Because there are no reservations, we can't officially kick them out, we can only hope. We can also only hope for no rain. Hope, hope, hope. (This, in the middle of a drought.)

9. I named our tables after poets. On one side, there is a picture of the poet, with the names of the people sitting there, and on the other, there is a poem or quote that is supposed to be about love or partnership (or New York), provided I got the interpretation right.

10. My name is going to be six letters longer as of five-something tomorrow. We haven't met our officiate yet; we will meet her for the first time half an hour before the wedding. The rehearsal itself consisted of me saying a bunch of random stuff and then trying not to be cranky about the drunk campers (who were having a bachelor party and were kind of asses).

11. I'm getting married tomorrow.

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