Friday, August 31, 2007

Project Armadillos and Loons Re-Launch

Some things you may know by now:

1. Chelsea is the name of my younger sister.
2. She is younger by four years, but I won't tell you how old either of us is. That, my dear readers, is a secret.
3. She is as tall as I am and has been for quite some time. We're both five-two on a good day. She might lie and say she's taller, but I wouldn't believe her.
4. She is now living in Austin, Texas, studying photography (photojournalism to be specific).
5. I love poetry, but I enjoy taking pictures. I remember overhearing my dear Chris say to another dear wedding-party friend something along the lines of: "What is Husband going to do with Molly taking all those darn pictures on the honeymoon?" Implication: they'll hardly move, what with her stopping all the damn time.
6. I wanted to find a way to help Chelsea and me bond, as it's hard when you are as busy and easily distracted as we sisters are. So I started armadillos and loons. (I'm really into that combining of objects to represent: maps and poetry, armadillos and loons, etc.)
7. The project got off to a rocky start, especially when you think about traveling, and how being around on Mondays is good during the school year, but tough in the summer. We gave each other assignments, and I was too excited to do it once a week, she was too busy to think about it more than that.
8. So, for the past bazillion weeks, I have been begging her to send me a packet of photos in the email, a series of pictures that I would match up with my own and post each day. To see what kinds of conversations the pictures might have with each other.
9. Today, I almost fell out of the desk chair when I saw she had actually found time to send me some.
10. Today, I posted our first pair.
11. So, in addition to my photo a day, you can also enjoy my duet a day with my sister.
12. Now we just hope she can send me a series of pictures every Friday for me to pair! :)
13. Please tell us what you think!
14. Of course, I can't forget to remind you: this blog was inspired by 3191, one of my favorite blogs out there.

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lisa s said...

what a nice thing for you to do with your sister.

thanks so much for coming by my blog and leaving such a kind comment!

so glad we were both able to help in one in ten!