Tuesday, August 14, 2007

gift opening

We spent most of Sunday opening gifts and writing thank you notes immediately after. We had high hopes to finish, but it wasn't to be. Some of you will be thanked after our honey-love-moon (sorry, Sam, I just had to borrow your phrasing, as I adore it so).

We were definitely showered with love and good thoughts. We felt so spoiled, these well thought out gifts, these precious gestures of friendship and well wishes, of ways to change our home, to suit us in this new part of life.

Like this bird house from Emily. Its texture is smooth and cool, like a worry stone. I'm almost jealous of the birds who will reside in it soon.

I also have to tell you about what my sister did, the sweetest thing: she made a little blue pouch and collected something borrowed from both of our parents (a lucky rock and a French ring), both of Husband's parents (a photograph of Husband when he was young and an original wedding ring), from Kelly (who lent the necklace her father gave to her mother), and from Chelsea herself (a locket). Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

And a blanket that will certainly come with me on the boat to Alaska. It's so perfect, so me.

And this beautiful artwork. Above, the etching by Brian of Boiled Art (the very same who made this wonderfully impressive invitations and programs--if you are in the market for custom made letterpress, I cannot recommend him enough--such a joy to work with, so kind, such a great eye), and here, calligraphy and artwork by Eireann of oh bara, who sweetly read a piece during the ceremony.

I've been in love with image and paper, with artwork and color lately. I've been looking closely at the small things, delicate, hand constructed. I've fallen in love with the colors of the ocean, like in this beautiful picture on flickr and other small details, like this of silverware and breakfast shots.

So many good things to enjoy. I wish you all a week of small beauties, hopes that our dogs behave themselves, that our house isn't too messy for the house sitters, that our cats behave too. Hopes of a memorable honey-love-moon.


Felicia said...

What beautiful new treasures. Enjoy your trip :)

eireann said...

:) happy honeymooning!

thanks for theo book, which arrived today.