Sunday, August 05, 2007

August list

- fountain pens ("your new poet pen")
- pandora radio
- 08.11.07: an anniversary we will celebrate for the rest of our lives (so soon!)
- Split Rock Arts and continuing friendships
- yes press and poetry postcard broadsides
- Alaska!
- Anne Carson, especially The Autobiography of Red
- Shakespeare in the fall
- my girl friends, who I want to scoop up and hold close forever
- the ocean--those gray-blue colors, whites and browns muted, and the sand
- my new job, so soon, a new leaf, a new way to look at teaching (will I fall back in love?)
- The Fiance roller blading in the park with the dogs
- cleaning house, reducing clutter
- hope for an MFA program, or maybe just a system to keep writing
- thinking of the bridge, understanding what this means for Minnesota
- finally, after a spring of frustration, sadness, fright--a summer of good things, of shifts that mean great changes, of loving this life I'm in, of looking to the future with bright, bright eyes

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lizardek said...

I really like your lists of good things :)