Thursday, July 05, 2007

book review: plan b

I've read Bird by Bird and I've read Traveling Mercies, and I don't know if it's because I was in a different place in my life, or if this book simply was different, but I didn't feel wrapped up in it, happily following along Lamott's thoughts and observations. Much of this book surprised me, her frustration with her son (which I can understand, though not yet relate to) and her railing against the president. In teacher mode, I wanted her to back up her irritations--give us evidence, especially if she wants to have her book to have a longer shelf life then our memory of a bad president. I've read her novels (Blue Shoe and Hard Laughter) and enjoyed those first two nonfiction books to a greater degree; I am afraid I might maintain those two are her best and the rest I've read aren't worth it.

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Sam said...

I think what you read first with Annie is what you are going to be drawn to most - I read Traveling Mercies, and then Operating Instructions - and then maybe Blue Shoe. So I really enjoy her nonfiction best, because her novels (to me) seem like extensions of her own issues. (Though I love her and all her issues.) Plan B is definitely NOT my favorite, either - it's pretty angry - but I consider her a dear friend at this point, and I'm a loyal reader, no matter what. ;)