Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I baked my first cake from-scratch today. I used this recipe. It's my father's favorite kind of cake. This one called for seven eggs and three sticks of butter, not to mention buttermilk and chocolate.

Besides being the big one-month away day, it is my father's birthday. He was born on 7-11; my mother and I were both born on 11-7.

My version turned out quite a bit lopsided with slightly runny frosting, but it was moist and rich and I now have a chocolate-ache in my stomach after eating a slice. Almost perfect cake, in some quirky ways.
Kind of like my dad: quirky. And almost perfect.


stefani said...

mmmm, looks SO good!

Felicia said...

Its a beautiful cake. Happy birthday to your dad :)

Sacred Suzie said...

I love the photos, you really get a sense of "process" here and of course I just love that when it comes to baking. Good for you! I didn't realize how difficult making a bday cake was until I started taking my cake decorating classes. Holy cow, it's tough. You did amazing!

Family of Four said...

Holy cow and chicken! 7 eggs and 3 sticks of butter! That's a slice of heaven.

EWH said...

Yum to the cake, it's also my favorite. Happy Bday to your dad!!!

And are you dead? Two days without a post...this is very unlike you, with or without an honors class in GB.

Your adoring fans need updates :-)