Saturday, July 07, 2007

July list

: 10 things : & July list

I've stumbled upon a little movement via happy things, who posted about the flickr group and blog. I have started my own little set too, because it makes sense to go back, put it on slideshow, and smile.

The idea behind ten things grew from two women's experiences keeping lists of ten things that were wonderful about that day. A daily habit that I will use as my format for July's list:

1. mums & hydrangea, round balls of flowers
2. North Carolina, a flight of fancy with two of my best girl friends
3. Anne Carson, poetry notebooks, and word lists
4. the quiet of the St. Norbert campus, with rabbits lopping by and students eager to participate
5. small things to remind me the wedding does approach: response cards, wedding shower, bachelorette party, taste testing, picking ceremony music
6. being held by The Fiance after being gone each week, his arms the safest place I know
7. bone mending quickly (and telling stories)
8. two dogs that like to share a twin bed with me
9. my paternal grandmother's birthday, thinking of the lake, having her in my life
10. the final installment of Harry Potter (The Fiance helped me with "one last thing I'm excited about this month"--this he said immediately, and have you seen the amusement park they are building?)

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