Sunday, June 10, 2007

we are back!

I am showered now, in a shower that doesn't require flip flops or checking for ticks (which is a whole other pair of photographs), clean from the slick sweep of sweaty hair, the damp pooling at the base of my back. I feel shaved, fresh, and lotioned, a bit human again, almost pretty.

We had a lovely time, though I will share with you (too) many more pictures and little snippets of observations, but I intend to have a warm nap in my bed with cotton sheets (and no daddy long legs and no dogs pressed against our faces or thrust across our legs) and a thick book, but for now, I leave you with these images, the only two pictures we had taken of me and the man I absolutely adore (and is my hero and you'll see why when I wake up from my nap and babble on happily and recall the heat, the deer leg, the wildflowers, the campfire, and good friends). So much laughter, so much joy.

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