Thursday, June 07, 2007

tornadoes likely

(Image from the Weather Channel)

Which makes sense, given that it is my last day with students, that whomever is up there, decided to bestow the excitement and anticipation of a storm (any where between eleven and three today) with the threat of hail and tornadoes.

I have never had damage due to a storm, so this is probably why I can continue to say, with complete joy and confidence: I love this kind of weather. (I would, of course, prefer to be at home with a book in my hand and a soft sofa or bed to curl up on, but we can't be too choosey.)

And, of course, I easily got distracted trying to find a link to the pending weather situation: this article on Minnesota farmer's markets and this article on the changes in some local family owned restaurants.


Sacred Suzie said...

I hope you continue to stay protected from the wrath of storms so you can continue to enjoy them from inside your warm and snuggly home.

Anonymous said...


I have so much enjoyed receiving your comments on my blog recently - thank you! I took a lovely little stroll through your daily photos this morning. I keep thinking of that photo of the shoulders of a wine bottle against the window screen. An unusual composition and I liked it.

How did you find me? I haven't found the obvious place where our internet paths intersect.