Saturday, June 30, 2007


Another wedding, another best friend, another union. The Fiance and I drove out to Mankato this evening to witness Emily marry Pat in a state park, which caused The Fiance to say, "Now you want to move our wedding, don't you?" I told him it was too late, as we have already sent out the invitations, but Emily did say I could steal her idea of having hanging flower baskets designate where the aisle began and ended (what a lovely framing). She was one of those "perfect brides"--the kind of woman who fit into her dress perfectly (Roshelle, next to me, asked where she got it, saying how it fit her so well) and smiled so radiantly.

I think, even more, was the acute realization of how well Emily and Pat fit together. I don't know much about Pat; in fact, I met him for the first time last night. And indeed, Emily has never spoken a word of complaint about her now-husband, seems to have the kind of relationship that it may take many, many years to build. Instead, these two have fallen into the smooth pattern of life together and seem to have been married for many, many years; the wedding ceremony only reminded me that this alteration is fresh.

They have one day to pack and are off to California soon. I wish them nothing but the best, so many wonderful adventures. (And she was so sweet, she said to me--as soon as she comes back, two weeks from now, she'd call me, and get her bridesmaid dress, because it is due in on the ninth--and I can't believe she remembers that, but then I realize it is Emily and she remembers these things so well and I think of how I joked to Roshelle, "Uh oh, this is Emily's wedding and it is now 7:31 and I don't see it starting just yet"--and she reminded me that my own wedding is six weeks from now, and am I ready?)


Anonymous said...

Well done Molly, they are great! -Heather

AK said...

Such great pics, Molly! It was great to see you again at the wedding! ~ Anne